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        Mongolia Education Quality Reform Project-148110 (EQRP)

        Terms of Reference 

        for a part-time support staff on the school grant scheme and administrative assistance

         under the EQRP (CT 4.2.1)


        Type of contract:         Individual

        Duration:                    12 months


        The Government of Mongolia (GoM), through its Ministry of Education and Science (MEDS), has been implementing the Education Quality Reform Project (EQRP) with a Credit from the World Bank amounting to US$30 million, approved on June 4, 2015 and made effective on August 17, 2015.

        EQRP’s objectives are to rapidly improve the learning outcomes for all primary children in native language and mathematical skills.  EQRP will support teachers and students by scaling up activities that were successfully piloted through the Rural Education and Development Project (READ) supported by the World Bank, and the Talent Program sponsored by the MEDS. The stated objectives are to be achieved through the provision of learning and teaching materials, improved methodology, and timely assessments linked to classroom practice.  EQRP will also provide support to expand a life skills program that relies on small grants to individual schools (‘Talent Program’) and by supporting training workshops at the aimag level to improve School Development Plans. The overall implementation of the School Grant component (component 3 of the EQRP) will be under the responsibility of the MEDS’ Division of External Relations supported by an established ad-hoc working group (WG), comprising existing MEDS officials.

        MECS has been seeking an individual to support project consultants (CTA, procurement and financial management) and the WG in the implementation of the components of EQRP.

        The School Grant will provide US$2,000 (equivalent in Tugrik) per school for participating schools with 200 or less students or US$3,000 (equivalent in Tugrik) per school for participating schools with more than 200 students for them to implement an approved school quality enhancement proposal.

        The individual will work under the direction of the EQRP Director, CTA and collaborate with related MECS staff in charge as well as other project consultants.

        Specific tasks and responsibilities

        The part-time support staff will be responsible, specifically for:

        -School grant component:

        a.          Compiling the second batch of 450 school proposals and their reports classified by individual schools in producing files in a digital way for future archiving of project documents. Each school’s profile will be produced in one Pdf file.

        b.         Compiling of the third batch of 450 school proposals.

        c.                   Assembling files by each aimag or district

        d.                  Organizing the paper-based reports and proposals

        e.                   Helping in training logistics

        -Administrative and office managing work

        a.       Providing  support for preparation of project documents, correspondence and reports

        b.      Providing  assistance to logistics and administrative responsibilities

        c.       Recording  minutes of   meetings /MECSS, BEC and any others/

        d.      Translation of project documents


        a.       Scheduling and announcing  trainings and meetings including Bid Evaluation Committee (BEC) members

        b.      Arranging travel itineraries and costs

        c.       Preparing training materials and  supporting for preparation of  trainings

        d.      Maintaining of filling on  the projects

        -Finance and Procurement

        a.       Supporting assistance to procurement documentation and filling

        b.      Supporting for collection of signatures from BEC members

        c.       Including  any other duties as assigned by the consultants

        d.      Archiving financial documents under the supervision of Financial management consultant


        a.  Other tasks assigned by EQRP team

        Assignment Duration and Location

        A lump-sum type contract shall be signed between the MECSS and an individual for a period of 12 months beginning from 1 April 2017. The consultant will be paid monthly based on the number of days worked. It is expected that the consultant will work 20 hours per week.

        Minimum Qualifications and Experience

        It is expected that the selected candidate will conform to the following qualifications and experience profile:

        a.                   Formal academic qualifications (a minimum of BA Degree) in education or other discipline related to human capital development;

        b.                  Experience in project implementation, office management and filing systems

        c.                   Knowledge of computer software needed for electronic filing

        d.                  Ability to work effectively with teams;

        e.                   Strong communication skills;

        f.                   Strong oral and written capabilities in Mongolian language; and English proficiency

        g.                  Capability to use computers and software applications

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