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        Selection Title:

        Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant 

        Consultant Type:

        Individual Consultant (national)

        Selection Number:


        Duration of Assignment:

        Continuous for 16 person-months


        L2766-MON: Higher Education Reform Project 


        Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

        Publication Date:

        March 27, 2017

        Deadline of Submission of  

        Expression of Interests (EOI): April 05, 2017 11:59 PM (Manila local time)



        The Higher Education Reform Project (Loan 2766-MON), implemented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (MECSS) and financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB), aims to deliver outputs on improving (i) quality and relevance of higher education programs; (ii) effectiveness of higher education management, financing, and governance; and (iii) equity and access to higher education. The project impact will be an increase in the number of globally competitive higher education graduates that are adequately skilled to the needs of the labor market. The project outcome will be an improved, well-managed, and equitable higher education system. More information about the project can be obtained from

        The MECSS intends to recruit a Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant to be responsible for the effective monitoring and evaluation of the project progress against its baseline and target indicators.

        II.            SCOPE OF WORK

        The Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant is expected to support the MECSS in monitoring and evaluation of the L2766-MON: Higher Education Reform Project, and in using the performance information for decision-making and resource allocation. The consultant will monitor and evaluate the project implementation, administration and financing in accordance with the Regulation on Utilization of Proceeds of Foreign Loans of the Government, issued by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in 2015; and the Loan Agreement, signed between the Government and ADB in 2011 for financing of this project. The consultant is expected to guide and support the MECSS, PIU, relevant higher education institutions (HEIs) and agencies in proper monitoring and evaluation of the project activities.

        The main duties and responsibilities of the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist will include the following tasks but required to perform any other tasks in the areas of responsibilities, as deemed necessary. S/he will report to and perform the assigned tasks under the direct supervision of the Project Coordinator, and guidance of the Project Director designated by the MECSS, and work in close collaboration with the Project Officer of the Asian Development Bank.


                    Detailed Tasks:

        ·         Apply a comprehensive Project Performance Management System (PPMS) based on the project Design and Monitoring Framework, Gender Action Plan, the Simplified Environmental Management Plan in project monitoring and evaluation, that specifies the project quarterly and annual performance targets, data sources, reporting mechanisms, and M&E plans and activities;

        ·         Monitor project activities in accordance with the project implementation plans and schedule, and prepare monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports based on inputs of the PIU staff;

        ·         Improve the template/outline for the quarterly and annual reports to be compatible with the ADB’ project performance management system;

        ·         Ensure timely submission of the project reports to MECSS, MOF and ADB;

        ·         Assess the project compliance with the Loan Agreement covenants and report the status to MECSS, MOF and ADB through the quarterly progress reports and when needed;

        ·         Ensure the MECSS’ compliance with the MOF’ Regulation on Utilization of Proceeds of Foreign Loans of the Government in implementation of this project;

        ·         Update the Official Development Assistance Management Information System (ODAMIS) of the Ministry of Finance on quarterly and annual basis in consultation with the MECSS’ Monitoring, Evaluation and Internal Audit Department and MOF;

        ·         Identify bottlenecks and problems that negatively affect smooth implementation of the project and propose remedial measures to PIU, MECSS and ADB;

        ·         Finalize the project Stakeholder Communication and Participation Plans, ensure implementation and report through the quarterly and annual progress reports;

        ·         Monitor usage of the loan funds for intended purposes;

        ·         Provide support to the PIU staff on contract management, and grants administration; and advise on risk identification and proper contract management;

        ·         Provide methodological inputs to Project Director on the PIU staff performance evaluation;

        ·         Support the project performance reviews by the MECSS, MOF and other government agencies and ADB;

        ·         Develop a manual on project monitoring and evaluation, and conduct a training on project M&E for MECSS, PIU, HEI and other agencies; and

        ·         Perform other tasks relevant to the assignment.


        Expected Outputs:

        ·         The MECSS’ monitoring and evaluation of projects is significantly increased with application of comprehensive Project Performance Management System (PPMS);

        ·         The MECSS’ and PIU’s capacity to properly plan, identify risks, and implement the project is improved;

        ·         The project monthly, quarterly and annual reports are prepared and submitted to MECSS, MOF and ADB on timely basis; and

        ·         The project Stakeholder Communication and Participation Plans are finalized and implemented. 


        iv.          SELECTION CRITERIA and Requirements


        The qualified candidate is required to meet the following criteria:

        -       Graduate degree in statistics, sociology, education, social sciences, economics, information technology, and other relevant disciplines;

        -       Minimum 7 years of general working experience

        -       Five years of relevant hands-on experience in monitoring and evaluation of projects preferably those funded by international financial institutions including ADB;

        -       Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods,

        -       Written and oral English proficiency,

        -       Computer skills, 

        -       Excellent formal Mongolian writing skills,

        -       Ability to produce official reports and documentation.


        Application Process

        Interested candidates should apply through ADB’S Consulting Services Recruitment Notice (CSRN) following the link below:


        Off-line Expression of Interests (Applications) will not be received.

        For inquires please contact: Mr. L. Otgonjargal, MECSS Specialist

        Tel/Fax: +976 70007263, 70007264


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