MONGOLIA EDUCATION QUALITY REFORM PROJECT : Боловсрол, соёл, шинжлэх ухаан, спортын яам
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        1. Background

        Mongolia is undergoing a period of rapid change, expected to result in its transition to middle-income status in the medium-term future.  The Government recognizes the importance of significant improvements in the skill set and cohesiveness of its labor force to support this economic transition.  It seeks to ensure that the education sector achieves both improved educational outcomes for its graduates, and a stronger set of life skills.  It also recognizes the importance that all children, particularly the most marginalized, benefit from its investments in education. 

        The Government, through its Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (MECSS), seeks to address these challenges through implementation of an Education Quality Reform Project (EQRP) with the objective of rapidly improving learning outcomes for all children in native language and mathematical skills. EQRP consists of four components: (1) Improving learning outcomes; (2) Pre- and in-service professional development of teachers; (3) Implementation of a school support program, and (4) System management, monitoring and evaluation. The project will support teachers and students by scaling up activities that were successfully piloted through the Rural Education and Development Project (READ) supported by the World Bank, and the Talent Program.  It will provide support for improved learning through provision of materials, improved methodology, and timely assessments linked to classroom practice.  It will also provide support to expand a life skills program that relies on small grants to individual schools (‘Talent Program’) and by supporting training workshops at the aimag level to improve School Development Plans.  A separate component of support to the Talent Program seeks to ensure the availability of sufficient time for both the core curriculum activities and those supported under the Talent Program.

        Recent projects in Mongolia supported by the World Bank, including the READ Project, made use of the services of an independent Project Implementation Unit (PIU) for contract management, procurement and report-writing.  In order to build sustainable capacity within MECSS, it has been mutually agreed that the EQRP will not use a PIU, but will instead be managed directly by MECSS, with technical advisory support.  This is in keeping with the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, and is consistent with both World Bank policy and recent decisions of the Mongolian Parliament.  The project has been designed to be consistent with existing capacity, and the expectation is that day-to-day implementation will be entirely the responsibility of MECSS.  In addition, technical advisory support financed by the project will work to build knowledge of World Bank procedures and policies, provide initial contacts with expert networks for various implementation activities, and provide practical training in management, project implementation and reporting.

        The Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sport will designate a Project Director, who will be supported by a project financed Chief Technical Advisor, a Financial Management Specialist, and a Procurement Specialist.

        2. Objectives

        The objective of this consultancy service is to assist MECSS and its project implementation working groups to achieve value for money with integrity in conducting procurement in close collaboration with the Government Procurement Agency (GPA).

        3. Scope of Work

        In close collaboration with the Procurement Unit of the GPA and relevant MECSS personnel, the selected Procurement Specialist will perform the tasks listed below:

        (i)       Coordinate all procurement under the project ensuring that the procurement is carried out in accordance with the Financing Agreement including by reference, the Procurement Guidelines, the Consultant Guidelines and the procurement plan agreed with the World Bank;

        (ii)     Assist MECSS to develop appropriate procurement strategies for individual procurement activities.

        (iii)    Establish and update regularly a project Procurement Plan in the format agreed with the Bank and ensure that the plan and its updates are disclosed to the public;

        (iv)    Ensure adequate publicity to business opportunities through the preparation and publication of the General Procurement Notice, Specific Procurement Notices and Requests for Expressions of Interest (REOI) in the format and timing acceptable to the Bank;

        (v)     Prepare complete Bidding Documents (BD) for goods and services and Requests for Proposals (RFP) for consultants services based on applicable World Bank Standard BD and Standard RFP and in compliance with the provisions of the Guidelines and of the Financial Agreement;

        (vi)    Establish and maintain a procurement tracking system and follow–up and user departments to monitor progress throughout the procurement process for goods and services included in the project components, while ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Financial Agreement and the World Bank Guidelines;

        (vii)  Provide guidance to bid/proposal evaluation committees and providing early warning of potential non-compliance with Bank Guidelines.

                                                                      i.      Ensure that information on the award of contracts is published in accordance with World Bank Guidelines.

        (viii) Assist in the management of contracts under execution, including the preparation of documentation required to certify progress, completion or acceptance of goods and services;

        (ix)    Ensure the timely submission of procurement documentation, reports and procurement decisions to the Bank for no objection in all cases of mandatory prior review;

        (x)      Establish and maintain complete and accurate procurement records including all actions and documents for review by the Bank's supervision missions, including advertisement, bidding documents, requests for proposals, invitation for bids, REOI, minutes of pre-bid meeting/pre-proposal submission conferences, requests for clarifications and responses provided, record of bid/proposal submissions, bids/proposals/quotations, bid/proposal opening, complaints and responses, bid/proposal evaluation reports, contract award and performance of the contracts;

        (xi)    Facilitate procurement post review by the Bank and/or procurement audits by independent Auditors; and

        (xii)  Provide procurement training as needed and ensure transfer of related competencies to MECSS staff.

        (xiii) Carry out any procurement or contract management related tasks that may be assigned by the Project Director from time to time.

        4. Qualification Requirements for the Consultant

        The Consultant is required to have the following qualifications.

        ·         Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, economics, administration, engineering or equivalent; Having a Master’s degree would be an added advantage;

        ·         at least 10 years of working experience in executing procurement functions, of which at least 5 years in Donor funded projects and among which at least 2 years in projects financed by Multilateral Development Banks or International Financing Institutions;

        ·         Working knowledge of business and functions of international financing institutions;

        ·         Strong inter-personal skills and commitment to working in a timely manner as a team;

        ·         Fluent English in speaking and writing;

        ·         Proficiency in information technology applications such as Word, Excel, and Power Point;

        ·         Proficiency in application of the World Bank Procurement and Consultant selection procedures and Guidelines.

        5. Supervision and reporting

        The consultant will report directly to the Project Director of MECSS of Mongolia. She/he will work in close collaboration with the Chief Technical Advisor and the World Bank project team. For technical matters related to the assignment, s/he is required to work with the education departments of relevant aimags/soums and the schools which will be responsible for activities executed.

        6. Facilities provided by MECSS

        MECSS will provide office space for the consultant.

        7. Procurement

        This contract will cover an initial one-year period and is renewable for a total of up to three years, the expected period of implementation of the project, based on satisfactory performance.  The expected commencement date of the contract is August 2017. A notice will be advertised and interested individuals should submit their proposals for evaluation.  Applications should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a statement of interest, and will be evaluated on a competitive basis.  Particular attention will be given to past experience of the applicant in capacity development and transfer of skills.  This will also be the prime consideration for any potential renewal of the contract after the initial two-year period.

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