EXTENSION OF REQUEST FOR QUOTATION FOR GOODS (RFQG) : Боловсрол, соёл, шинжлэх ухаан, спортын яам
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        Project Title:               L2766-MON: Higher Education Reform Project

        Source of Funding: ADB Loan  

        Contract Ref:         16/08      

        Date of Issue of Request: July 19, 2017 

        1.         The Ministry of Education Culture Science and Sports of Mongolia (Purchaser) hereby requests you to submit price quotation(s) for supply of following items:

        (i)        Classroom management software                                           1pc

        (ii)      3D sculpting and modeling software                                       1pc

        (iii)     Screen capture software      1pc

        (iv)     Complete package of Video editing software,

               Computer graphic software and Sound editing

                Software (support 3 Years)                                                        2pc

        (v)      3D computer animation software

               (support 3 years)                                                                           1pc

        (vi)     E-learning software                                                                     1pc

        If you, however, have been associated with the firm that prepared the design, and specifications of the contract that is subject of this procurement, you shall be disqualified.

        2.          The deadline submission is extended to 11:00 AM, Ulaanbaatar time, August 11, 2017

        3.          The deadline for receipt of your quotation (s) by the Purchaser at the address indicated in Paragraph 3. Further information and complete set of RFQ can be obtained from the following address:


        Purchaser’s Address:          Investment and Production Division, Officer L. Otgonjargal

                                                        Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports, Government Building III, 5th floor, Room 516b, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

        Telephone:                            976/320358

          e-mail:                   otgonjargal@mecs.gov.mn, procurement@herp.mn

        4.                    All goods and related services to be supplied under this Contract and financed by the ADB shall have as their country of origin an eligible country of the ADB (the list of ADB member countries obtainable from the ADB’s web page at www.adb.org). 

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