PUBLICATION OF INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT SELECTION RESULT : Боловсрол, соёл, шинжлэх ухаан, спортын яам
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        Project:  G9182-MON, Improving School Dormitory Environment for Primary Students in Western Region Project
        Education Finance specialist (CS09)
        1 Names of all applicants who submitted proposals The MECSS has received 6 applications for the Education Finance specialist (CS09) position, namely from:   1.      Artur Tspnetsyan (with nationality of Armenia, excluded from shortlist as the recruitment is only for national consultants) 2.      Battulga Sergelen 3.      Erdenebyamba, Erdenebileg 4.      Ola Olaniyi (with nationality of USA, excluded from shortlist as the recruitment is only for national consultants) 5.      Otgonjargal, Gavaa 6.      Tsolmon, Batchuluun
        2 Overall rating and ranking of shortlisted candidates 1.      Battulga Sergelen - 84.9% (first ranked) 2.      Otgonjargal, Gavaa - 82.0% (second ranked) 3.      Erdenebyamba, Erdenebileg - 48.8% (third ranked) 4.      Tsolmon, Batchuluun - 39.0% (fourth ranked)
        3 Summary scope of the contract.
        Contract No.: CS09
        Method of Procurement: Individual Consultant Selection
        Awarded To:  Battulga Sergelen
        Duration of Contract: 1 January 2018 - 31 July 2018 (intermittent basis)
        Objective and Purpose of the Assignment This assignment is to support capacity development of MECSS specialists aimag Education, Culture and Arts Department (ECADs) staff and support the development of financial policy and regulatory frameworks to improve the school dormitory environment.
        Scope of Work The Specialist will work with the MECSS, Institute of Teacher's Professional Development (ITPD), aimag ECADs and school management of dormitories in Govi-Altai, Uvs, and Zavkhan aimags, and other relevant stakeholders to revise the MECSS's finance policy for school dormitories and prepare reference materials and tools on financial, human and physical resource management for school dormitories.  
        Date of Award: 24 November 2017 
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